Seekers: Paranormal Investigators

We were asked to come pay a visit to a residence in St. Johns.   Below is a compilation of audio files capturing EVP's through the use of either our Ghost Box or just the Digital Voice Recorder.

During our introduction to the spirit world, you can clearly hear a response from the other side. 

1.40 WE KNOW.wav 1.40 WE KNOW.wav
Size : 69.912 Kb
Type : wav

You can clearly hear spirit coming through while the mother was talking. 

2.41 HI.wav 2.41 HI.wav
Size : 101.752 Kb
Type : wav

During our Ghost Box session, you can clearly hear a woman make a profound statement. 

3.25 he's here.wav 3.25 he's here.wav
Size : 36.332 Kb
Type : wav

Listen carefully.  After I ask "can you say hi to maddie,"  3 voices come through with their salutations... 

3.43 can you say hi to maddie.wav 3.43 can you say hi to maddie.wav
Size : 146.676 Kb
Type : wav

A little girl comes through the Ghost Box asking "how do you do." 

3.55 how do you do.wav 3.55 how do you do.wav
Size : 69.539 Kb
Type : wav

After I speak, you clearly hear to spirit voices coming through asking "Why Maddie?" 

53.5 why maddie 2xs.wav 53.5 why maddie 2xs.wav
Size : 70.846 Kb
Type : wav
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