Seekers - Ovid home 2011

An old friend contacted me and explained  the occurrences of paranormal activity he and another family member had encountered in this childhood home.  Chuck and I brought two guest investigators on this journey to investigate the home.  Although my team did not capture any photo evidence of paranormal activity, we did capture evidence of disembodied voices; voices that we could hear! 

Sit back, turn the volume up in your headphones.  Picture where we are, and above all;  keep your lights on..........

EVP Session 1.wav EVP Session 1.wav
Size : 4.364 Kb
Type : wav
EVP Session 2.wav EVP Session 2.wav
Size : 1.479 Kb
Type : wav

Everything you heard was real and uncensored.  EVP Session 2 was conducted in the basement.  See pictures below.

 If there were an opportunity to return to this location, we shall do so.

I want to thank the family for allowing us the privileged of investigating their home.  I also want to thank Chuck for finally becoming a believer in the paranormal world and a special thank you to Sara and Lelan for their participation in their first ever investigation.

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