Seekers - Ovid Business

During our investigation of a local business, myself, and the 3 other investigators had several experiences of the unknown.  Although we did not use the digital camera for possible proof, we did use the Digital Voice Recorder.  Below are some of the EVP's that were captured.  Grab the headphones and listen closely.

SO.wav SO.wav
Size : 202.434 Kb
Type : wav
Did you guys hear that.wav Did you guys hear that.wav
Size : 90.045 Kb
Type : wav
Strange cough.wav Strange cough.wav
Size : 124.545 Kb
Type : wav
Very distinct NO.wav Very distinct NO.wav
Size : 171.154 Kb
Type : wav
All right...wav All right...wav
Size : 104.92 Kb
Type : wav
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