Seekers - Olivet home 2011

Investigation type: Residential
Location: Olivet
Investigators: Dobby and Nate along with home-owners sister.
Date: 11/5/2011

Below are some of the EVP's I captured during our investigation.  Plug in your ear buds and tell us what you think you hear..

Nate and I were upstairs conducting an EVP session.  This is posted because it was amazing!  I'll have the video of this up later.

Did that just fall.wav Did that just fall.wav
Size : 243.809 Kb
Type : wav

I'm convinced that we were not alone during this portion of the session.  Do you hear the gasping breath like I do?

This EVP is rather amazing as well.  I hear another "person" saying something.  Can you make it out?

There it is.wav There it is.wav
Size : 115.076 Kb
Type : wav
Nate and I were sitting on the couch.  Home-owners' sister was sitting on the love seat across from us.  We both heard other  "people" talking....can you hear them?
Unknown conversation.wav Unknown conversation.wav
Size : 573.777 Kb
Type : wav
We were not there to harm any spirits that may be lingering.  The amazing part?  Confirmation from the spirit....check it out!
We're not here to harm you.wav We're not here to harm you.wav
Size : 121.354 Kb
Type : wav
Photo taken of stair case. 

Another photo of the stair case without Orb in the shot!

We took this photo only to find the orb floating!
And before we know it, the orb is not in the next photo.
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